Dear Student

Work is the religion of man and competitiveness the very basis of life. The competition ignites a spark in life & heralds a liveliness. Look at the world history & you will find that most people in different walks of life earned name and fame only by chasing difficult targets. Time is ripe now for your hard lab our to bear fruits. The deciding moment on any examination is full of challenges but to yield results. You are like a soldier ready for battle; well equipped mental armory with required knowledge, practice and self confidence.

A little stress is inevitable in every competition. It is required so as to activate the human mind to give out it’s best performance. Yet the aspirant who is confident about his preparation will eventually succeed. You are all able pupils of ACHARYA. The institution, which is well renowned for excellence of its students and whose teachers’ expertise, experience and sense of responsibility leverage strength to student. Always bear this in mind that you are not alone but in your invincible team, you have god, your parents, your hard labour on your side. I.A.S./P.O./ SSC exams are tricky but application of your knowledge with speed, patience and perfectness will propel your success in any examination.

cdac patna

I am full of optimism that the tips given to you during the motivation and counseling classes held by ACHARYA on every moment shall prove very useful. Besides them, you should follow my advice as under in full sincerity.

  1. Have a bath on the day of exam.
  2. Try to have a good sleep (6 Hours per day) in the week preceding the exams..
  3. Memorise the formulas well and store them in mind for instant use.
  4. Keep your mind calm and balanced. Take exam just like a routine test of ACHARYA. You will find the level of most questions similar to them or of even lower level than that you have attempted.
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